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A lesson from a Sactuary

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I stand in Church, worshiping My Savior.  My eyes wander the Sanctuary… they roam the walls and ceiling.   My Lord gives me a picture; a parable; an analogy.

The church represents where I am in life… It is the nurturing community I’ve grown up in and dwell in still.  Here I am taught and trained.  God cultivates my heart, developes my faith and equips me with the tools I’ll someday need to combat a harsh world I do not yet know.  I’ve only been given glimpses.

Down the sides of this sanctuary, there are small stained glass windows.  These windows are colorful and almost opaque, shielding me from the  world on the other side.  I know not what exactly is out there, nor what my occupation shall be on earth, but I do know that when it is time for me to leave church, the truths I’ve learned here will be my compass.

I look up to the skylights in the ceiling.  I see the sky… I see trees.  I see pure creations of God through crystal-clear windows.  I know that someday, I will accend to heaven; whether it be through the doorway of death or by the return of my sweet Jesus.  I look up and understand my ultimate destination and long to go there.  As I have asked so many times before, “Oh Father, would you take me now?”  I know that He won’t.  Not yet.  He still has use for me here – on the other side of the stained glass.    Through the skylights, I see higher things.  I see my destiny.

I listen to the Word.  I learn about suffering.  God uses it in mysterious and marvelous ways!  I am refreshed by the Power of the Spirit working in this Church.

Later, I look up again.  It has started storming and the glass on the higher windows is fogging up.  I can no longer see heavenly things so perfectly… But I know that they are still there.

Perhaps it is like life…

 Maybe sometimes God uses the storms of life

to fog-up the skylight…

So that we may learn to trust Him beyond our earthly circumstances.

God  is ALWAYS there.  Maybe He is putting you through the suffering of doubt in order to enrich your faith.  Take heart.

“You’re never alone – regardless of doubt.”

(-The Classic Crime)

May the little things in life teach you big lessons.



Author: 22tears

Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, my strength, my song, my life, my hope... my best Friend.

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