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The Good Kind Of Death

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I am sitting on my screened-in porch, as the afternoon sun hangs low and light filters through the trees. I’m  writing an essay on humanity’s insatiable nature and intrinsic sorrow, and I looked out into the woods, silently requesting wisdom and vision from above.

My eyes were drawn to a cluster of brilliantly red leaves. Then I began to search out the other leaves which had turned to beautiful yellows,oranges and reds.

“Death,” I thought.  How curious that while we, as humans, are repelled by the death of ourselves or sometimes of animals, there is death all around us that we do not mind – that we barely perceive.

The beautiful colors of Autumn are provided by the death of those leaves – yet not of the tree from whence they cameDSC01339, for when a tree is dead, it and its leaves appear brown and lifeless.

But there is something in the annual death of its leaves that is beautiful and screams “Life!”  What is this paradox?

These leaves infuse sweetness into our lives, as we transition in season from hot to cold.

The colors, the smell… the distinct “fall feel” in the cool air… It gives me such enjoyment and such peace.  I know that this is a gift to mankind.

And this gift comes from the death of something – leaves.  Certainly, this is not death to be mourned (unless, of course it is your job to clear said leaves once they land on the ground).

It’s a death that we are accustomed to and a death that we all seem to understand without words that is meant to be.

It seems to me that it’s only a partial death – for again, the tree itself is yet alive and only a part of it has died.  The only thing I can think to compare it to is how we grow hair and nails which we clip off and feel no pain as a result of this separation.

How is that out of living things (trees, people) grow things dead or soon to be dead?  -Things that seem to have been created for the sole purpose of dying.   Hair and leaves both have their being in that they grow and die for the sake of the enjoyment of their beauty… (Yes, they have other functions,but poetically speaking, they are truly beautiful and that is what is most immediately striking when you see them.)

I can’t quite wrap my mind around the beauty and complexity woven into nature… Nor can I put it into words adequately (although it should be evident by now that I am desperate to try!)

Another good kind of death:  food.  Everything you eat died that you may partake of it and be nourished. Talk about the honor and wonder of a sacrificial death. Just food for thought (no pun intended).

I am so in love with the God who made this place.  If it is so breathtaking… I can’t begin to fathom His Glorious Appearance. I can’t take it in.

These beautiful songs express the euphoria of knowing God. I wish you too could know Him and it is my prayer that you come to.

“I can’t take it in: by Imogen Heap
“I know you” by Bellarive

Author: 22tears

Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, my strength, my song, my life, my hope... my best Friend.

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