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That’s right, geniuses. Punish the hero.

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[NOTE.  Source: FoxNews – http://foxnewsinsider.com/2013/03/05/high-school-student-wrestles-gun-away-from-classmate-and-gets-suspended-for-it/]



I don’t mean to be mean… but really?  REALLY?!

Here is the bottom line:

Modern day America is the type of country that punishes heroes. (Please. Someone explain this to me!!)

It was a regular day when a 15 year old, male student pulled out a gun while on a school bus and pointed it at a fellow student.  This could have been another tragedy involving America’s youth, but thanks to a brave 16 year old boy who was also on this bus, the situation is merely a face-palm-evoking embarrassment to the U.S.A.

The 16 year old student was able to wrestle the gun away from the suspect and thus saved the lives of the driver and his classmates.

Here’s the kicker: The life-saver has been… suspended?!

The school has a “zero-tolerance policy on fights involving a weapon.” And apparently, this makes the young hero eligible for suspension…

I am just… wow. It is sadly hilarious that there are (apparently) adults who don’t get that this kid wasn’t involved in a “fight involving a weapon,” but rather PREVENTED one.

I mean, yeah there was a struggle and a firearm was involved, but seriously! Would anyone rather see this play out so that someone on that bus is murdered? (Ok, well, obviously, the would-be shooter, so change that to anyone in their right mind.)

How do you think the other passengers on that bus feel to  find out that their lives are worth less to their school than keeping with some code? The school would rather be politically correct than show gratitude to someone who saved a dozen lives?

It doesn’t take a rocket-scientist (or a *cough-cough* hoity-toity school board) to understand that the 16 year old did the right thing by grabbing that gun.

I hope that heroic student enjoys his vacation days. I hope that when he returns from school, he is publicly honored. I hope the people who suspended him come to their senses, get over their pride, and apologize to this boy right before they shake his hand and show some gratitude.


Kudos to the hero. Whoever you are, kid, God bless you.


-Twenty Two

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