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On this day in history…

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Ah, how I love to reminisce.    A year ago, today,  (January 22nd)  something happened that will be one of my distinct memories throughout life.

My friends 19, 21, 23 and I were supposed to be sledding.  And we did!   However, we also did something else.  We took a stroll across a frozen lake (MY brilliant idea, of course).  I’d like to say that this idea wasn’t as dumb as it sounds, but I can’t, because it was.  :0p  My logic was along the lines of, “Well, this lake has been skated on in the past.  Plus, it’s freezing out today and the ice is several inches thick…”   “What if we fall in?  Ehh, we’ll stand up!  It can’t be that deep.”

When we first came to the lake,  I lured my friends out only about half way out.  We were careful to space ourselves so that not too much weight was concentrated in one place.  This seemed to work, for the ice supported our weight nicely enough that later, after some sledding, we returned to the frozen floor and traversed all the way across.   By the time we’d reached the other side, we had become so confident, *reckless*  that we were dancing and making snow angels and what-not.

We’d only gotten halfway back when 23, walking closely to my right, fell straight through the ice!  Then I realized that I had too.  My first thought? “Oh, I hope we don’t get in trouble!”  I don’t remember feeling the water’s cold at the time, probably out of shock.   My first instinct was to do a kicking-motion while clawing at the ice in front of me.  Remarkably, I was not scared throughout this whole adventure!  I had this nonchalant, recklessness, scared of nothing stupidity that kept me from even realizing I was in danger.  I do, however, remember being frustrated because I couldn’t feel the bottom of the lake (so much for standing up), and everywhere I clawed collapsed.

Time for plan B.  I began rolling to my left as fast as I possibly could and jumped onto my feet.  I saw that 19 and 23 (who’d been walking behind 23 and I) had pulled 23 out of the water.  We all looked at each other and laughed.  We then proceeded to scurry off to safety.  On our way off the ice, we looked over to the shore and saw some children who’d been sledding across the street standing, wide eyed.  Just for good measure, 21 called out,  “Don’t play on the ice, kids!”  :0)

All in all, you could say this was a useful experience. We learned not to walk on frozen lakes, we obtained great memories and didn’t die! (23’s phone, resting “safely” in her pocket did, though.)   I realize now that, at the time, I took this all way too lightly!   I felt pretty good about myself and my survival skills that day, and the days soon following.  Now I realize the gravity of the situation.

Let’s imagine I died that day.  I’d have been born on 10/22 and died 1/22.  I would have been born a day after my grandfather and died a day before, for  his birthday is 10/21 and his death day, 1/23.   If I would have died that day… I cannot even imagine what perils would have awaited me.  I was born-again and given a love for Christ a month and a few days after this ice incident.  I have no doubt that God is in total control, and has had me in His book of life since before the dawn of time, so it seems that it wouldn’t have been in the Plan for me to have died that day…  Maybe God planned it to add to the wakeup call… even before the world was made, God, out of His great Mercy, Compassion and Love decided to let me live long enough to come to know Him…

This all boggles my mind.  At any rate,  I love Jesus.  I am eternally thankful that He has given me new life in Him.  I’ll never be able to express enough gratitude to my Savior.

Thank you so much, Father.  Oh, I love you.  Thank you.


Author: 22tears

Jesus is my Savior, my Lord, my strength, my song, my life, my hope... my best Friend.

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